Cost Estimation Guide

Training and Query Costs

Estimates based on the size of your data source in megabytes (Mb) and your monthly query volume.

  • Training Cost: $0.2 per 1 million tokens.

    For example, Training with a 50Mb data source (~52 million tokens) incurs a cost of $10.40.

  • Query Cost: $0.2 per 1 million query dimensions.

    For every 1,000 queries with our 768-dimensional model, you use 768,000 dimensions, leading to a query cost of $0.15 based on the $0.2 per 1 million dimensions rate.

Storage Costs

Monthly cost for storing vector data.

  • Storage Cost: $0.12 per 1 million stored dimensions per day.

    For example, if you have 1,000 vectors with 768-dimensions in an index, your stored vector dimensions sum to 0.768 million, resulting in a daily storage cost of $0.09, or approximately $2.76 per month.

Cost Calculator

Estimated One-Time Cost: $10.639

Estimated Fixed Monthly Cost: $2.765